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Lots and lots of work for Team 2016 was on the cards. There were eight of us

Me of course R/C Arbroath

Beth Hay, Aviemore

Lyndsay Morley, Turriff

Maire McCall, R/C Inverkeithing & Dalgety Bay

Carolina Landivar, Edinburgh

Sara Gilmour, Peebles

Tom McAllion, R/C Turriff

Peter Newell

John Balsillie

Billy Hunter, all of R/C Stonehaven

This year Sr Mary tasked Carolina (dentist) and Sara (hygienist) to screen as many mouths in Nyumbani Village as they could manage. It's not easy to get dental treatment in this remote area so by screening and creating records for everyone they could determine who was requiring treament urgently or otherwise. I was amazed that these two girls worked their socks off and screened over 1000 kids and 100 grandparents and some staff as well in the first week. This was a vital assessment and encouraginly there were only a few extractions needed (mostly grandparents) and several other minor things. You see,  in the bush the children don't have fizzy drinks and sweets (only on birthdays or as a rare treat) and that certainly reflects on their good dental health.

The rest of the team were asked to repaint and repair one of the teenage boys hostels which houses 16 boys and an uncle. A two storey building donated by an Irish charity built around seven years ago was certainly needing an uplift. I asked that our maintenance man, Mutinda, paint the ceilings before we arrived so that was a great help.



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